Jesse, my cookie lady's lab

Jesse is a wonderful, very loved Black Labrador. She was born August 16th 1988. Jesse doesn't have a website yet, so I have posted her own page. Jesse is a very lucky girl. She is absolutely loved and cherished by her mom. I cherish her mom too. She bakes the best
heart shaped dog cookies in British Columbia, Canada.

Yummy(Actual Cookie)

She delivers a fresh bag weekly. On my birthday she made me a heart shaped carrot and zucchini cake drooled with low-fat cream cheese icing. It was sooooooooo yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of her treats are baked in small batches with lots of fresh veggies and whole grains, and no sugar, salt or preservatives. Whatever that all means I am not sure, but they sure are the tastiest, yummiest cookies I have ever tasted. I should know I am the consumate cookie connoisseur.

This is why Jesse and her mom are so special to Santana
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