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When August air temperatures reach the body temperature of a dog (about 101 degrees) heat stroke can occur (especially in short-nosed dogs). Pups cool themselves mainly through panting, which is not very efficient. Make sure yours doesn't run too much in the heat of the day and that he has plenty of water, shade and shelter.

Soothe an insect bite with a paste of baking soda and water.

Pups can get sunburned just like us, so apply sunscreen on exposed skin (like his nose and belly) - his fur protects the rest of him.

People in the sunny Southwest have the most dogs in America per capita.

If your pup is frightened of thunder during a summer storm, instead of comforting him (which would be your first instinct and just reinforces the fearful behavior), distract him with a game of fetch or a special treat. Or play music so that the thunder won't be booming in between silence, which makes the sound more frightening.

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