A Dog's Life

I am king of the land
I do as I please, this is my place
When I want, I lick their hand or even face
That's all it takes to be in control
Simple humans are my slaves
If I get an itch on my back I will roll
When my human misbehaves
I'll have an accident on the floor
At first they get really mad
Yelling and pointing towards the door
Not long after they apologize and are sad
They hug me and massage my tummy
At that point they're under my spell
I know how to control them, I'm no dummy
Life is good, I'm doing well
To every whim my human slave will cater
Walks are taken when I want
Biscuits are brought to me by my personal waiter
Their service will never daunt
Sleep and play makes up my day
All the while my human works hard to earn the pay
The life of a dog is pretty good
You'd trade places if you could

Carlos Fido Osgood
aka Boy


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